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US-2009000742-A1: Shower Plate and Method for Manufacturing the Same patent, US-2009092033-A1: Electric field sensor having vertical structure, fabrication method thereof, and storage unit using the same patent, US-2009118288-A1: N-Benzyl-Morpholine Derivatives as Modulators of the Chemokine Receptor patent, US-2009208759-A1: Moisture-curable polyurethane hot melt adhesive and multilayer sheet using the same patent, US-2009268784-A1: Multi-band ofdm receiver patent, US-2003144546-A1: Process for producing optically active carboxylic acid subtituted in 2-position patent, US-2004047005-A1: Flat-bed scanner used in combination with a sheet feeder field of the invention patent, US-2004056848-A1: In-vehicle digital broadcast reception apparatus patent, US-2004240101-A1: Disk apparatus and head positioning method patent, US-2005107522-A1: Release agent for non-substrate liquid crystal display patent, US-2006029963-A1: Reagents and methods useful for detecting diseases of the breast patent, US-2006102301-A1: Process for the hot dispersing of a paper fiber stock patent, US-2006284182-A1: Liquid crystal display patent, US-2007035020-A1: Semiconductor Apparatus and Semiconductor Module patent, US-2007128518-A1: Negative electrode material for lithium secondary battery, method for producing same, negative electrode for lithium secondary battery using same, and lithium secondary battery patent, US-2008014695-A1: Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2008024624-A1: Photographing apparatus and exposure control method patent, US-2008194740-A1: Directly photodefinable polymer compositions and methods thereof patent, US-2008259695-A1: Semiconductor Memory Devices Having a Demultiplexer and Related Methods of Testing Such Semiconductor Memory Devices patent, US-2009200636-A1: Sub-lithographic dimensioned air gap formation and related structure patent, US-2003227912-A1: Voice packet preferential control equipment and control method thereof patent, US-2004003045-A1: Personal videoconferencing system having distributed processing architecture patent, US-2004109361-A1: Source-biased memory cell array patent, US-2004134417-A1: Mask for crystallizing, method of crystallizing amorphous silicon and method of manufacturing array substrate using the same patent, US-2005015555-A1: Method and apparatus for replacement candidate prediction and correlated prefetching patent, US-2005245040-A1: Method for forming deep trench capacitor with liquid phase deposition oxide as collar oxide patent, US-2006079114-A1: Electrical connector having a seamless metal housing and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-2006170057-A1: Semiconductor device with omega gate and method for fabricating a semiconductor device patent, US-2006256675-A1: Recording device, recording method, reproducing device, and reproducing method patent, US-2007179165-A1: Cyclic compounds patent, US-2007243336-A1: Uv-Radiation-Curable Precious-Metal Preparation, Transfer Pictures Containing Said Preparation, and Process for Decoration patent, US-2007292628-A1: Method of Forming Metal Oxide Using an Atomic Layer Deposition Process patent, US-2008014474-A1: Fuel cell system and activation method for fuel cell patent, US-2008021773-A1: Method for displaying expanded advertisement patent, US-2008035807-A1: Accessory clips and mounting apparatus using same patent, US-2008117788-A1: Holographic Optical Information Recording/Reproducing Device and Holographic Optical Information Recording/Reproducing Method patent, US-2008296660-A1: Low resistivity conductive structures, devices and systems including same, and methods forming same patent, US-313220-A: Philip makqua patent, US-2009042967-A1: Cyclic amine compounds patent, US-2009057904-A1: Copper metal line in semicondcutor device and method of forming same patent, US-2009090989-A1: Image Sensor and Method of Manufacturing the Same patent, US-2010002357-A1: Conductive electrode using metal oxide film with network structure of nanograins and nanoparticles, preparation method thereof and supercapacitor using the same patent, US-2004135119-A1: Chiral compounds patent, US-2004147097-A1: Metal reduction in wafer scribe area patent, US-2004166179-A1: Dietary supplements from wine vinasses and relevant production process patent, US-2004251045-A1: [package structure of organic electroluminescence panel] patent, US-2005045251-A1: Stainless steel and stainless steel pipe having resistance to carburization and coking patent, US-2005104223-A1: Conductive bumps with non-conductive juxtaposed sidewalls and method for fabricating patent, US-2005118274-A1: Method and device for feeding living cells into a biological body fluid patent, US-2006101329-A1: Pivot analysis with XML/XSL mechanism patent, US-2006149049-A1: Stem cell growth factor-like ployeptides patent, US-2007102347-A1: Temperature-responsive membrane, temperature-responsive membrane module, and membrane filtration system in which the same are used patent, US-2008000502-A1: Compositions for cleaning a probe card and methods of cleaning a probe card using the same patent, US-2008102252-A1: Methods for forming improved self-assembled patterns of block copolymers patent, US-2008197358-A1: Wide-bandgap semiconductor devices patent, US-2008296574-A1: Pixel Structure of LCD and Fabrication Method Thereof patent, US-2009152685-A1: Epitaxial wafer and method of producing the same patent, US-2009307616-A1: User interface, device and method for an improved operating mode patent, US-2009321052-A1: Method of Producing Body Having Flow Path Formed Therein, and Body Having Flow Path Formed Therein patent, US-2009325814-A1: Biomolecule detection reagent and method for detecting biomolecule using the same patent, US-2003186034-A1: Yttria-alumina composite oxide films, laminated bodies having the same, a method for producing the same, and corrosion resistant members and films patent, US-2003202915-A1: Apparatus for removal of pollution from gas stream patent, US-2004109309-A1: Decorative light string with gathering bulb assemblies patent, US-2005031720-A1: Method and devices for producing fiber-reinforced components patent, US-2005032574-A1: Image processing program and image processing apparatus patent, US-2005071116-A1: Temperature sensor scheme patent, US-2005129870-A1: Procedure and arrangement for coating a metal surface with a thin layer containing metal patent, US-2005287444-A1: System for coloring a partially colored design in an alternating phase shift mask patent, US-2006121350-A1: Cathode material for lithium secondary battery and method of producing same patent, US-2006130586-A1: Configurations and methods for ultrasound time of flight diffraction analysis patent, US-2006238656-A1: Sub-program avoidance redirection for broadcast receivers patent, US-2007009782-A1: Flow path structure, production method thereof and fuel cell system patent, US-2008044690-A1: Gas-liquid separator and fuel cell system having the same patent, US-2008165885-A1: Data Transmission patent, US-2008252442-A1: Wireless remote sensor patent, US-2009057867-A1: Integrated Circuit Package with Passive Component patent, US-2009079751-A1: Deep Pixel Display And Data Format patent, US-2009121148-A1: High Brightness Solid State Ion Beam Generator, its use, and Method for Making such a Generator patent, US-2009156408-A1: High temperature superconducting dielectric ceramic insulation patent, US-2009203790-A1: Gamma-l-pga producing microorganism, method of producing gamma-l-pga using the microorganism, crosslinked substance produced using the microorganism, and external dermal agent produced using the microorganism patent, US-2003215353-A1: Process for inhibiting scale patent, US-2003234719-A1: Vending machines with field-programmable locks patent, US-2004156080-A1: Method for determining an optimum gain response in a spatial frequency response correction for a projection system patent, US-2004203147-A1: Method and structure for growing living organic tissue patent, US-2005034161-A1: Interactive system for enabling tv shopping patent, US-2005113055-A1: Digital amplification device patent, US-2005168942-A1: Airflow gates for electronic devices patent, US-2005257237-A1: Digital television broadcast signal receiver patent, US-2005280145-A1: Semiconductor die package with internal bypass capacitors patent, US-2006155396-A1: Position-correction device for correcting the position of a component holder for electronic components patent, US-2006277620-A1: Benzoate inductible promoters patent, US-2007010041-A1: Method of manufacturing optical device having transparent cover and method of manufacturing optical device module using the same patent, US-2007021502-A1: Aniline sulfonamide derivatives and their uses patent, US-2007249104-A1: Method for fabricating a thin-film transistor patent, US-2008029884-A1: Multichip device and method for producing a multichip device patent, US-2009230096-A1: Vapor plasma burner patent, US-2009243002-A1: Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same patent, US-2009256823-A1: Display Device and Transparent Magnetic Film patent, US-2004044157-A1: Functionalized monomers for synthesis of rubbery polymers patent, US-2004188033-A1: Carpet stripping device patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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